Dow Corning Launches Silicon Emulsion

CARTAGENA, COLUMBIA | Dow Corning, a global supplier of silicones and silicon-based technology, has introduced Syl-Off EM 7978 coating, the latest addition to its portfolio of high-performance release coatings for food packaging and processing applications. The launch was made at Label Summit Latin America 2016.

The new emulsion is formulated for coating papers used in commercial and consumer baking and cooking and reportedly leverages advanced silicone technology for easy, clean release performance and outstanding water repellency at low coating weights down to 0.20 g/m². Company says its expanding family of silicone emulsion coatings for in-line and off-line paper processing was designed to meet growing food industry demand for greater cost reductions, productivity, and sustainability.

“Dow Corning’s new coating and our other food-release silicone technologies are built on continuous innovation to help our customers succeed in a fiercely competitive industry,” says Kris Verschueren, global segment manager for Packaging, Dow Corning. “They know they can count on our products to deliver consistent, proven performance and value-added benefits that help optimize paper processing, control costs, and increase productivity.”

The  technology is said to enable release paper manufacturers to take advantage of several global trends, including the following:

  • Growth in the fast food market –the coating provides premium-release and water repellency performance for bakery and food release papers, a high-growth market opportunity.
  • Cost efficiencies – Coating is effective at thinner coating weights and uses low platinum catalyst levels.
  • Processing improvements – In processing, coating reduces dust creation to minimize line interruptions for cleaning.
  • Sustainability initiatives – From an environmental perspective, the product contributes to energy conservation by using in-line coating, which avoids the need to power separate equipment and processes.

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