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Tata Steel Packaging and Sensory Analytics Announce Partnership for Quality Excellence

Tata Steel’s Protact® lamination plant in IJmuiden, Netherlands and Sensory Analytics, the U.S. supplier of patented SpecMetrix® coating and film thickness measurement systems, have agreed on a partnership to optimize product performance and quality for the two companies.

This collaboration will generate enhanced brand differentiation while combining innovations to deliver a higher level of quality assurance to shared customers. Tata Steel and Sensory have agreed to work together on plant quality system enhancements and collaborative business development initiatives, effective immediately.

To assure the highest level of laminated coil quality for Protact customers, Sensory’s latest SpecMetrix in-line film thickness measurement systems will be installed onto the Protact lamination line with the support of Sensory and IJmuiden plant personnel. The Tata Steel Protact team will also receive advanced system training from Sensory’s SpecMetrix Certified support team members.

Tata Steel’s decision to invest in the next generation of coating and film layer quality assurance reinforces the Protact brand commitment to achieving optimal laminated coil quality and process control for its expanding customer base. This will be the first laminated metal plant in the world to be equipped with a SpecMetrix in-line coil coating measurement systems. Protact also expects to earn Sensory’s “SpecMetrix Certified” award recognition as the first global laminated coil plant recipient.  

Tata Steel is globally known for their long-standing commitment to sustainability and coil quality excellence,” said Greg Frisby, global coil industry manager, SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory. “We are thrilled to work with the leader in next-generation laminated packaging to help showcase this brand alliance while delivering the positive impacts of our SpecMetrix coating thickness measurement solutions to enhance plant productivity.”

“Having our innovative Protact laminated steel line equipped with SpecMetrix in-line systems from Sensory Analytics will help us deliver even greater quality assurance to our customers,” said Hans den Hartog, lead product manager, Protact. “This partnership enables us to better highlight the increased efficiency, quality benefits and market opportunities Protact can deliver to our global customers.”

For more information, visit https://www.specmetrix.com.

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