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Michelman and CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC Enter into Strategic Partnership

Michelman has recently partnered with CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC (CMS) to produce its coating equipment, including Rod Coaters, Press Rod Coaters, Blade Coaters, Spray Coaters, and Slide-Angle Testers. CMS will also perform engineering, part replacement, and service.
“Michelman has sold functional water-based coatings into the web-fed corrugated space for over 50 years. We have partnered with CMS to support this business to design, build, sell, and service our application and testing equipment. Partnering with an industry leader like CMS allows us to match our innovative technology with market-leading application equipment,” said Pete Petrie, director of sales for the Americas Region, Michelman.
“We believe our partnership with Michelman will provide growth opportunities for both companies. Furthermore, our companies are a great fit because we work with our customers to support sustainability like Michelman. For example, we help with the re-pulping and recycling of coated papers and paperboard applications, which Michelman’s coatings promote,” said Kevin Norberg, president & CEO, CMS.
Both organizations have a collaborative and customer intimate approach and look forward to initiating coating opportunities by successfully producing and marketing coating equipment that will better serve the corrugate industry worldwide.

For more information, visit https://www.michelman.com.

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