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Davis-Standard Equips New Jen-Coat Plant

WESTFIELD, MA | Packaging Solutions Holdings is planning a state-of-the-art, greenfield packaging plant in the Midwest (location not determined at presstime). The plant, which will operate as a division of Jen-Coat, will design and manufacture packaging for cheese, pet food, medical uses, produce, and snack food, as well as pouch materials.

A key feature of the operation will be tandem-head, multilayer extrusion laminating equipment custom-made by Davis-Standard Converting Systems and modified in-house by Jen-Coat. It has two laminating heads, each equipped to deliver three layers of polymers.

Other equipment will include a ten-color printing press to accommodate both short and long runs; high-speed winding equipment with a built-in laser system to produce all types of easy-tear, perforations, venting, and easy-open features; and laser-scoring/perforating equipment.

The company intends to certify the plant and meet the following standards: AIB, ISO, FSC, SFI, and PEFC. The plant will have chain of custody and traceability for its products.

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