Mach III Clutch Reports New Models


WALTON, KY | Mach III Clutch announces nineteen new models of patented SensiFlex line of tension control clutches and brakes. These models include the new ULOW (ultra-low coefficient) friction facings with 45% lower maximum torque capacities than their identically sized counterparts with LOCO friction facings. This is an advantage for label printing and other narrow web converting applications where web tensions are low and the range of torque required to complete the process is narrow.

Design features said to make clutches and brakes ideally suited for slip application conditions include an actuator that engages smoothly at low pressures and provides maximum sensitivity to slight changes in air pressure for infinite control of torque output; and radial cooling holes that pull cooler, ambient air through the clutch or brake to dissipate the heat generated by constant slip, preventing friction lining fade and premature wear.

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