Zero-Max Torque Limiters Called Dependable


PLYMOUTH, MN | Zero-Max H-TLC torque limiters are said to have consistent and repeatable disengagement features and can withstand corrosive environments and operate dependably in wide temperature ranges. Company reports they are an excellent substitute for friction-type torque limiters. 

The H-TLC is fully adjustable to handle a range of torque settings. Company says the unit also can be set up quickly and easily to trigger alarms or automatic system shutdown by inserting a special actuating disc accessory.

The torque limiter operates on a spring-loaded convex pin and detent design that reacts to overloads in the system. It is effective in temperatures ranging from –40 deg F to +180 def F. Applications include a wide range of machinery packaging and printing systems.

Available in models to handle torque from 4 in. lbs. to 500 in. lbs., there are six H-TLC sizes and two models in bore sizes from 0.250 in. through 1.000 in. (7 mm through 25 mm). All are bi-directional.

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