eltromat Upgrades Inspection System


LEOPOLDSHÖHE, GERMANY | eltromat offers the twin_check 2.0 100% inspection system for the printing industry. It is said to have a highly compact design combined with a considerable increase in performance.

Company says the integration into an existing press is simpler and more flexible, since it can either be positioned vertically or horizontally. The encapsulated housing protects the system against dirt and allows the connection of an air conditioning unit. The system is said to operate reliably even under extreme conditions.

The LED illumination technique has been developed by company especially for print inspection. This design reportedly offers a very long life as well as high performance and reduces the number of maintenance intervals required. The new camera-illumination unit not only reliably inspects all kinds of opaque materials but holograms or highly reflective materials as well.

System includes a new RGB line scan camera containing triple-line sensors with 4096 pixel resolution respectively and operates with a frequency of 85 MHz. This means that no interpolation of any information takes place, which leads to a much better resolution and a more brilliant image quality, company says.

In addition to print inspection, twin_check 2.0 also supports locating defects for rewinder and slitter applications.

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