Straightpoint Offers New Load Cell


HAMPSHIRE, UK | Straightpoint, a load monitoring technology specialist, announces the new Radiolink Plus wireless tension load cell. It includes a new chassis and circuitry in a more streamlined shape, company says, making it even more robust and practical than before. The battery section now boasts reverse polarity protection, shielding the product from damage if the batteries are inserted the wrong way.

The load cells are useful tools to monitor the weight on a specific pick point. E.g., if someone needs a box or package to be lifted from four points equally, the load cells can be placed on each point to ensure the right weight is being taken by each. Reportedly, anything suspended by a lifting apparatus that needs to be kept level could use load cells.

Company says it has been showcasing force measurement, load monitoring, and suspended weighing load cells at a series of trade shows and industry networking events. And according to David Ayling, director of Straightpoint, the company has a new facility in Camarillo, CA, and is hoping to expand further, saying he wants the company to become synonymous with the safe and accurate measuring of loads in the US and across the world.

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