Mocon Launches WVTR Testing System


MINNEAPOLIS, MN | Mocon offers a fully automated water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing system for packaging and other barrier structures, the PERMATRAN-W Model 3/34 G.

Reportedly, the WVTR testing capability will save time and associated costs for food, pharma, beverage, medical device, and electronics companies. The unit is also said to be well suited for converters and resin producers who want to test film materials as well as finished packages.

In automatic mode the model 3/34 allows the operator to mount a test film, set the temperature/relative humidity conditions, and begin the test. This is made possible by company’s TotalCal capability, said to improve accuracy, eliminate significant set-up time, reduce time, and improve accuracy in the “advanced testing mode” where operators set all testing parameters.

Model also includes company’s TruSeal technology, said to eliminate the entry of ambient air into the test cell and ensure that only the water vapor that enters the cell via transmission is measured.

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