Bodine Electric Reports AC Motor Speed Control


NORTHFIELD, IL | Bodine Electric Company reports its newest AC motor speed control is simple to set up and to operate, and it features a rugged NEMA-4X/IP-65 enclosure. The Model 2999 Pacesetter AC speed control is designed to drive 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, inverter-duty, 3-phase gearmotors and motors that are rated to 1 HP (746 Watts).

Company says the control is ideal for stand-alone AC gearmotor applications that require variable speed, controlled acceleration, and reversing. Can be used in wide variety of paper, film and foil processing equipment.

It operates from a single-phase, 115 or 230 VAC line and is housed in a NEMA-4X/IP-65 washdown and watertight aluminum die-cast enclosure. The control’s sine wave coded Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output provides high motor efficiency and low noise, company says. Linear acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted, making the control suitable for soft-start applications.

Model features a built-in forward-stop-reverse switch, allowing dynamic braking for applications where the motor needs to be manually or infrequently reversed. User-friendly trimpots eliminate computer-like programming, and jumpers allow the drive to be used with a wide range of motors without recalibration. The control is factory-set for most applications and is GFCI compatible.

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