HERMA Calculator Determines Roll Dimensions

STUTTGART, GERMANY | HERMA announces a calculator to determine roll dimensions so label printers can select the outside diameter and running length of adhesive material to optimally suit the technical possibilities of the printing facility. 

Company says that with just a few clicks on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, label printers can determine the running length and outside diameter of any roll of its self-adhesive materials

“For reasons of efficiency, many label printing companies currently prefer to use rolls measuring 4,000 meters instead of the standard running length of 2,000 meters,” says Ralf Drache, HERMA head of sales. “With the roll calculator, they can quickly determine whether the resulting larger outside diameter is suitable for their machines.”

He adds that, on the other hand, there are printing companies wishing to utilize the maximum outside diameter. These customers can use the roll calculator to determine the corresponding running length they need to order.

In order to use the roll calculator, label printers do not need to determine any specifications by themselves, such as the thickness of the label material or the release liners. “Any desired label material, adhesive, and release liner can be selected from a drop-down menu, says Drache. “Thus, all users are able to choose their individual combinations with minimum effort.”

Using the calculator requires no download or installation of an app. A registration or a log-in is not necessary either—users merely need internet access. On many smartphones and tablets, the roll calculator can be added to the start screen as a so-called web app. It is available in German, English, French, and Dutch.

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