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WS Packaging Group Launches In-House UL Lab

GREEN BAY, WI | WS Packaging Group, a printing and label converting operation, has opened what it says is the only US converter-based, UL-approved testing facility at its plant in Knoxville, TN. Developed in close relationship with the Label and Packaging Materials business unit of Avery Dennison Corporation, the new lab reportedly will simplify UL and cUL recognition for durable goods labeling. 

“Helping durable goods manufacturers achieve faster, easier UL recognition will enable them to get their products to market and in front of consumers more quickly,” says Earl Jewett, chief operating officer, WS Packaging Group. “Because the lab is certified by UL, it will greatly simplify the overall UL recognition process by streamlining product testing and qualification. Ultimately it will reduce the complexity and cost of securing label compliance, as well as working with UL.”

The new lab features materials and tools needed to conduct testing, equivalent to what is performed in UL’s own laboratories. The testing supports UL standard 969 and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard 22.2 no. 0.15 for nameplates and safety labels and can be conducted on many substrates, inks, and ribbons considered in the manufacturing of a label. Labels are tested for the following:

  • Abrasion
  • Adhesion
  • Aging Stability
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Defacement
  • Legibility
  • Water/Humidity Exposure
  • Weathering

Once testing is completed, WS Packaging will provide UL with the data results for the materials. All submitted data will be thoroughly reviewed and audited by UL before being issued the UL-recognized designation for the US or Canada.

“Faster testing by the in-house lab at WS Packaging in Knoxville will result in products that can be recognized and listed sooner,” says Mark Danner, business development manager, Avery Dennison. “Ultimately, this shortens the entire label adoption process for manufacturers. The lab also makes it possible to quickly add new features to existing, recognized products.”

“The strong ties to UL for WS Packaging Group and Avery Dennison demonstrate an in-depth understanding of UL recognition,” Jewett says. “It allows both companies to provide invaluable support and collaboration on new UL concepts. This will speed the material creation process and increase business opportunities for brand owners.”

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