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PCE Instruments Improves Force Gauges

JUPITER, FL | PCE Instruments offers the PCE-DFG Series digital force gauges to test the performance of packaging materials such as cardboard, nylon strapping, and reinforced tape. The results of these packaging performance tests help manufacturers make informed decisions about how to optimize packaging for transport, storage, and consumer safety.

Company says it has improved the accuracy of the digital force gauges from ±0.2% to ±0.1%, making these package testing devices even more competitive on the international market.

The gauges can measure both tensile and compressive forces and offer wide measurement ranges and resolutions. Each device has a sampling rate of 2000 Hz and a storage rate of 1 Hz. The included PC-compatible software provides a storage rate of approximately 60 Hz.

The PCE-DFG Series features three modes of measurement: peak, auto peak, and track. It also has minimum/maximum and limit functions. Six different units of measurement can be selected (N, mN, gf, lbf, kgf, and ozf) and up to 1,000 readings can be saved to the internal memory. The device’s 160 x 128 dot matrix LCD screen with LED backlight displays measurement data in real time, along with the current date and time. Measurement results can be transferred to a computer using the USB data cable provided.

Suitable for use in the laboratory, on the production floor, and in the field, each gauge comes with the following accessories: a chisel head adapter, a flat head adapter, a pointed head adapter, a hook adapter, a notched head adapter, a 90-mm /3.54-in. extension bar, software, a USB data cable, an AC adapter, a carrying case, and a user manual.

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