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Grafikontrol Talks About US Success

MILAN, ITALY | Grafikontrol reports a 10% year-on-year increase over the past two years. Sales have focused primarily in the converting sector and are increasing, with the US the second biggest market, accounting for approximately 20% of its turnover. 

The GrafiKontrol print simulator

Grafikontrol sales director and partner Paolo De Grandis identifies the success factors which have led to this success. “Following the launch of the new TQC-360° product line, we concentrated on ensuring the continuous training of our technical support personnel, particularly by using a remote connection system and setting up a warehouse with a permanent stock of spare parts to ensure prompt service in case of emergency. This was a crucial factor that was highly appreciated by customers. The direct commercial presence was also an important factor as it conveyed the company’s dynamism and guaranteed its involvement in many industry events, including FTA (Flexographic Technical Association) and the GAA (Gravure Association of the Americas), of which Grafikontrol is a member.”

The series of TQC-360° products includes PROCHECK, a system that allows printing and lamination waste/defects to be traced throughout the roll production process all the way to the packaging stage. PROCHECK, for which a patent application has been filed, is currently the most advanced and exclusive solution for removing waste and it completes the Grafikontrol package, joining the MATRIX, LYNEX, and CHROMALAB inspection systems.]

In 2016 Grafikontrol invested in a print simulator dedicated to the US market. Demonstrations at various US shows have allowed customers to gain first-hand experience of the system’s functions, assessing the ergonomics of the new graphic interfaces with HD multi-touch monitors.

De Grandis says the company’s plans for next year include the creation of a demo center at the York, PA, office, to which US customers can be invited to watch demonstrations of control systems on the print simulator.

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