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Roll-2-Roll Technologies Launches Wide-Width Sensor

STILLWATER, OK | Roll-2-Roll Technologies is introducing ARIS WPS 440 IR, its newest product in web positioning sensors for the converting and general automation industry.  The ARIS WPS 440 IR includes all the features of the rest of the ARIS WPS line of sensors, providing a sensing window of 440 mm. Company says converters dealing with difficult materials or challenging applications benefit with the multiple features that the line of ARIS WPS sensors provide. The unveiling of the new sensor will be held at Converter Expo in Green Bay, WI, March 23rd.

The new infrared web positioning sensor with a 440 mm web sensing window joins the WPS 221 IR to complement the line of wide-width sensors. The wide-width application sensors allow the user to detect edges, monitor and measure web width, detect the position of a string or wire, monitor the count of several strings or wires, and measure and monitor the distance between the outermost strands or between the strands. The latest feature in web positioning sensors provides monitoring and measurement of a moving stack of products, such as tissue, with any of the wide-width sensors without the need for calibration.

Aravind Seshadri, president and co-founder of Roll-2-Roll Technologies, says “…even though we are a young company, we always strive to position ourselves as the innovative, and maybe even disruptive company in the web guiding and web positioning sensor area. We see that there is much to offer from our technological knowhow of web handling, and we are converting this knowhow into products that give great benefits to our customers. Our products provide solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.”

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