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BYK-Gardner Launches Film Applicator

GERETSRIED, GERMANY | BYK-Gardner, a global supplier in the field of measuring color and appearance and testing physical properties of plastic, coatings, and cosmetics is introducing the byko-drive XL automatic film applicator

Dry film appearance is influenced by drawdown speed and pressure applied to drawdown applicator, the company explains, saying the byko-drive XL offers precise speed and pressure control to produce consist drawdown results. Two models are available: one designed with a vacuum plate or another model with a glass plate. This international testing device features a universal power supply, eight selectable menu languages, measurement units in metric or English scale, and CE/UL/CSA certification.

A wide range of drawdown speeds from 5–500 mm/sec is available. User-selectable start position and stroke length to accommodate large to small drawdown charts is standard. The touchscreen display reportedly makes it easy to program the operating setting and save it in the applicator’s memory. The push bar assembly can accommodate a majority of applicator bars and wire-wound rod designs. Additional weights are available to increase the pressure onto the applicator. The push bar is height adjustable for thick substrates. The byko-drive XL vacuum plate model has a built-in vacuum pump with a two zone vacuum controls.

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