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OneBoxVision System Aids Inspection

CLONMEL, COUNTY TIPPERARY, IRELAND | OneBoxVision reports the release of ImageFlow 6.7, which company says offers simple features to make inspection systems more useful and cost-efficient.

Benefits are said to include the following:

  • Tags to mark defects as critical or to ignore
  • Live video with auto zooming
  • Edit results post inspection, a must for QA people
  • Scan job bar code and archive results for customer support.
  • Copy check – new algorithm that looks at copy defects, small drags, and fill on text. This is designed for printing operations to detect small repeaters.
  • Auto repeat – Print inspection systems must be synchronized with a press. Often a sensor is required. ImageFlow does this automatically.
  • Click on defect, live view, and template view all available from front screen, Zoom level maintained between all three
  • Option to interface bar code scanner and prompt user for Job ID of last run on stop and knife cut
  • Rewind option to stop on critical defects only
  • Simple way to transfer files from one system to another

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