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Miki Pulley Bushings Provide Solid Connection

PLYMOUTH, MN | Miki Pulley offers Posi-Lock bushings said to provide a solid connection between shaft and mounted devices. They provide system designers with a keyless option for locking into position gears, pulleys, sprockets, and other components in a mechanical system.

Posi-Lock bushings feature socket-head cap screws that reportedly tighten quickly and easily. When tightened, these screws allow the inner and outer hub of the Posi-Lock to move along shaft contact surfaces. The movement between the inner and outer wedge of the Posi-Lock creates a tight, friction connection between hub, shaft, and the Posi-Lock.

Bushings  eliminate the need for machining keyways, keys, and tapped holes. Company says they eliminate the need for tapered shafts, locknuts, or other locking devices which are slow and difficult to install accurately. Providing excellent axial and radial runout, Posi-Locks have a maximum allowable torque of 553.17 ft-lbs (750 Nm) and maximum axial stress of 26,552.24 ft-lbs (36,000 Nm). Three different models are available designed for various applications. Sizes available handle a hole size range from 0.236–1.654-in. (6–42mm).

Applications include machine tools, pumps, molding machines, printing systems, robots, and all types of mechanical systems where hub to shaft connections are required.

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