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Testing Machines Inc. Enhances COF Tester

NEWCASTLE, DE | Testing Machines Inc. (TMI) announces a new enhanced 32-76e coefficient of friction (COF) tester, now with peel capabilities. The 32-76e COF /peel tester uses advanced digital force signaling and high-speed data acquisition software to provide what company says is unmatched precision and repeatability in testing. 

Improved features include a color touchscreen display, GraphMasterPro PC-software package, and intuitive software user interface for easy navigation and test method storage. New peel testing capabilities include 180-deg peel and T-peel measurements.

The 180-deg Peel Fixture measures the release strength of a label or peeling strength of an adhesive substrate, while the T-Peel Fixture is designed to measure the adhesive force of a heat seal or adhesive bonded substrate.

Some of the many features of the Model 32-76e include the following:

  • 7-in. full-color digital touchscreen display
  • High speed data collection and analysis for precise measurement of static COF with 500 readings during the first second
  • Selectable units (COF or grams)
  • Selection of test type-COF/Friction, T-Peel, and 180-deg Peel
  • Selectable units (COF, g, N, kg, lbs, and oz)
  • Selectable load cells from 5–100 N
  • Automatically reports static and kinetic friction results after measurement
  • And many more.

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