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EyeC America Displays Inspection Equipment

ST. CHARLES, IL | EyeC America exhibited high-speed inspections systems for inspection systems for labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons at the recent INFOFLEX 2018.

With the new Quality Link, printers reportedly can increase productivity and improve quality control by using only one inspection system during the whole printing process. Printers no longer have to equip both the print machine and rewinder with individual inspection systems since the Quality Link uses the inspection results from the print machine for what is said to be an efficient and quick removal of defective items on the rewinder. Company says the in-line inspection system enables the printer to run the press as well as the rewinder at maximum speed, reduce overruns, and guarantee the delivery of only flawless products.

The Proofiler 400 DT allows printers, pharmacists, and brand owners to check samples of all types of print products quickly and safely. In only 30 sec, the inspection system performs a comprehensive sample test of a combo job in DIN A3 format against several signed-off PDF files. The solution inspects graphics and texts in all languages as well as colors, 1-D and 2-D codes, or Braille in just one inspection cycle.

The prepress proofing software Proofiler Graphic checks print-ready PDFs against the approved artwork in just a few seconds and pinpoints all potential differences with great precision, company says, and it can be integrated into workflow systems such as Esko Automation Engine (https://www.esko.com/en/products/automation-engine) for further automated prepress inspection.

“We have been providing fast, secure, and user-friendly print inspection systems for 15 years,” says Dr. Juergen Klicker, CEO of EyeC America. “Today, we are the only supplier on the market to ensure the product quality throughout the entire production process. We are proud to present even faster inspection systems that support the most modern, integrated production processes to our customers.”

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