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Process Sensors Launches Profiling System

MILFORD, MA | Process Sensors Corporation announces the introduction of the Guardian-HD Web Profiling System for converting applications. Company says robust design and enclosed frame construction provide reliable measurement and control of moisture, coat weight, and adhesive thickness in harsh environments. A powerful linear actuator in an enclosed frame is said to result in reliable operation in hot, dusty, or humid environments. The ruggedized system is now available in widths to 20 ft (6 m) for precise control of wide webs. With remote electronics, the system is more easily accessible in walled-off or enclosed installations.

The system supports process optimization by accurately measuring moisture and coating thickness, providing a complete zoned web profile of narrow or wide webs. Allows user to reduce start-up times and waste by visually identifying production inefficiencies for quick return on investment. Intuitive graphical displays provide critical production insight for rapid identification of out-of-spec product.

Moisture and coat weight measurements can be made on many substrates including paper, film, foil, textiles, release liners, tags, tapes, and labels. The Guardian-HD Web Profiling System is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Hot Melt and Film Thickness
  • Wet End Water-Based Coat Weight
  • Dry End Organic Coat Weight
  • Exit and Inlet Dryer Moisture

Guardian-HD systems are reported to be accurate, fast, reliable, and low maintenance. They provide a noncontact, non-destructive on-line measurement and are said to be unaffected by relative humidity, changes in product temperature, ambient light, and temperature.

Other reported advantages include the following:

  • Minimize edge curl and lay flat issues
  • Easily connect to closed loop control systems or local alarms
  • Decrease manual start-up times by up to 20% by eliminating the need for time consuming lab testing and adjustments
  • Unlike X-ray systems, NIR technology does not present an employee health hazard
  • Easy calibration, operation, and standardization

All Guardian-HD systems include an industrial scanning frame, an NIR smart sensor, and local touchscreen display for cross direction web profiling.

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