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Understanding Non-Contact Laser Measurement

DAYTON, OH | Beta LaserMike, a global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, makes available its recorded 30-min free webinar titled, “Only the Accurate Survive: Understanding on-Contact Laser Measurement.”

Stuart Manser, solutions development manager, explains how Beta LaserMIke’s LaserSpeed non-contact encoder is helping converters worldwide to control precisely the length and speed of their products during production to manufacture higher-quality converted goods more profitably and meet exact customer specifications.

Covered subject matter includes the following:
• Why tachometers and mechanical-based contact encoders are an inaccurate method for measuring length and speed
• How LaserSpeed non-contact, laser measurement works
• How LaserSpeed is being used in manufacturing applications, such as measuring continuous product length and speed, controlling cutting systems, differential product speed, and product positioning
• How to minimize product waste and eliminate product give-away and shortages to customers
• How LaserSpeed can give fast return-on-investment by measuring length and speed more accurately

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