Rockwell Offers Adapter for Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC Drive


MILWAUKEE, WI | Rockwell Automation reports a dual port EtherNet/IP communication adapter is now available for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive

Company says the release of the PowerFlex 525 AC drive dual port EtherNet/IP card provides the option of using a wide range of topologies including ring, linear, and star while also helping lower their total cost of machine design, development, and ownership with less wiring, reduced hardware, ease of use, and reduced downtime.

The dual port communication adapters add support for DLR functionality, which can give a system resiliency from the loss of one network connection and provides fault-tolerant connectivity for optimum drive availability. DLR technology, which is an ODVA standard, helps reduce configuration time and costs by minimizing the number of managed switches and reducing cabling needs while allowing users to create a single network ring that connects all components at the device level.

Modular design with a compact footprint is not affected by the addition of a dual port EtherNet/IP adapter.