Techkon Upgrades Measurement Device


DANVERS, MA | Techkon announces updates to the SpectroDens, which will be unveiled in January.

New features include SCCA (Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims) Reference Value Correction. This is a feature that recalculates the dataset with new aim points based on the specific paper color being used on press. The practice of following print standards like ISO 12647 that pre-defines the combination of ink, paper, and target reference colors for commercial printers to use in production is invaluable. But if the paper does not fall within the specified target values the accuracy of the press run is greatly diminished. The more out of spec the paper is, the worse the color match will be.

Reportedly, this feature will allow printers to quickly and easily achieve an acceptable color match regardless of the presence of optical brightening agents in their substrates.

Another upgrade is Enhanced Scan Function with Strip Detection. The newest SpectroDens will feature the ability to scan a color bar containing up to 54 patches and define the color bar by uploading a color library to the SpectroDens or by scanning a color bar with the instrument. Features advanced pattern recognition algorithms that automatically detect that the color bar being scanned is correct, has the correct number of patches, and has the colors in the right sequence.

If the incorrect number of patches is scanned or the scanning speed is too fast or too slow, the SpectroDens will display an error message. No guide bar is required. The four wheels keep straight alignment while scanning.

In addition, the unit can easily export scanned measurement data to other software applications automatically with SpectroConnect software (included with the instrument at no cost).

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