Shurtape Tape Suited for Recycled Corrugated


HICKORY, NC | Shurtape offers HP 235 packaging tape, a standard-gauge tape solution said to deliver better performance and adhesion on highly recycled corrugate—including 100% recycled. 

Company quotes the Corrugated Packaging Alliance: “Corrugated has one of the best recovery and recycling records of any packaging material on earth. More than 74 percent of the corrugated manufactured today is recovered for reuse.” Reportedly, the higher recycled content of corrugated containers has made it difficult for packaging tape to stick, which explains the development of the new tape.

As the recycled content in corrugated containers increases, so does the volume of fiber and dust, which affects packaging tape’s ability to create a secure seal. HP 235 is a 2.0-mil, p-s packaging tape with an enhanced adhesive engineered specifically for sealing highly recycled corrugated containers. According to company, the optimized adhesive formula results in higher adhesion and higher shear, and also provides for increased fiber tear when the tape is removed, offering tamper-evident security.

“Shurtape is committed to continuously improving our products to provide relentlessly reliable tapes that meet the highest of standards,” says Bill DeWitt, market manager of packaging tapes, Shurtape. “Recycled corrugate is not an exception to the rule of product performance, so we’ve developed HP 235 to provide the secure seal and consistent performance that professionals demand—no matter the recycled content of the container to which it’s being applied.”

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