Champion Machinery Corrugated Line Is Upgraded


TAIPEI, TAIWAN | Champion Machinery offers a corrugated cardboard machine production line system with more than 40 international patents. The company reports it has made three improvements to its machinery and systems that will bring increased ease and savings to its customers. 

The temperature of the corrugated box production process has been reduced by 20 deg C. In addition, the vapor pressure now required is only 66% of the original Reportedly, these transformations mean that energy consumption has been significantly reduced and carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 25%.

The second improvement has led to a simplified process. Also, each production line is now capable of producing 30 m of corrugated product/min, which means production capacity has increased 1.3x.

Improved quality is said to be the result of the third upgrade. With traditional machines that require higher temperature and pressure, warping of the corrugated surface and broken scoring lines often occur during the wintertime, company explains. In addition, during the rainy season, traditional production lines face challenges because of the extra moisture absorbed by the cardboard, which weakens the cardboard's edges. Normally, the raw paper's density (GSM) must be increased by about 3% of the total original paper weight to compensate for this weakness. However, with company’s low-temperature/low-pressure system, problems like these can be avoided.

Also, in a traditional production lines, the original paper roll usually shrinks about 0.8% in both length and width due to temperature changes during the conversion process. With the new production process, there is less paper waste, company says.

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