Mosca Holds Workshop on Automation for Corrugated


SINGAPORE | Mosca, a system supplier, developer, and producer of strapping machines, strapping materials, and safety systems for transporting goods, has introduced a possible optimization methodology for fully automated production.

In two one-day workshops in Indonesia, the company introduced the benefits of a fully automated end-of-line logistics chain solution (from bundle to pallet) to decision-makers from more than 20 producers from the corrugated cardboard industry. To provide customers with an even better overview in the area of strapping, Mosca also presented other new products of its machinery portfolio which were newly launched in 2015.

“The Indonesian market is undergoing constant development in the area of corrugated cardboard,” says Timo Mosca, managing director and CEO of Mosca, who was on-site in Indonesia on both workshop days. “A few years ago, demand for more automation initially grew in the area of bundle strapping, and ultimately more and more of our Indonesian customers demanded solutions for fully automated strapping of bundles.”

The Mosca Group is now also actively providing support for pallet strapping.

Mosca evaluated internal processing data of a pallet strapping project, which was put into operation in early 2013 at an Indonesian customer’s site. This provided evidence that automation of pallet strapping together with restructuring of downstream logistics processes already pays for itself after only two years and five months. If a fully automated strapping line has a service life of up to 20 years, this means that it is not just the investment costs that are paid off after a very short time, the company says, adding that the system also saves ongoing costs over several years, which ultimately amounts to a multiple of the original investment.

Additional use of a robotic palletizer automates the entire process one step further, reportedly making it even more efficient. “We know that interest in fully automated palletizing and pallet strapping is growing in all Asian markets,” says Timo Mosca. “That is why we want to show our customers solutions that enable them to automate their production processes, allowing them to be more streamlined, efficient, and sustainable.”

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