Capable Corrugated

From fun-loving train sets to cremation coffins, AICC's corrugated Packaging Design Competition pays tribute to corrugated excellence.

The Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC) held its 11th Intl. Corrugated Packaging Design Competition in San Francisco September 18-19, judging a total of 175 entries from 47 companies. Here's a glimpse at a few of the winners.

Tennessee Pride
Tennessee Packaging, Sweetwater, TN, takes first place honors for its Variable Diameter Polymer Pack. The customer required a pack to hold a cylindrical polymer tube that has a surface that can't be touched during loading, shipping, or unloading. They were looking for an alternate design to replace a corrugated and foam pack that was bulky, ineffective, and costly. Tennessee Packaging designed a die-cut cap with built-in cone shape to nest inside each end of the polymer tube and a two-piece body from scored sheets that allows accessibility, flexibility, and structural strength.

The X Factor
The GeForce FX 5600 package wins top honors for Pacific Western Container, Santa Ana, CA. The packaging is designed to heighten the perceived value of the customer's product on the shelf. The design was a challenge because the customer wanted a package shaped in an “X” to resemble its logo that would still allow sufficient graphic space with a product window. The package also had to protect the customer's fragile computer card.

Attention-Grabbing Displays
Tim-Bar Corp., Hanover, PA, wins big for its Advil 20 + 10 60 pc. Powering Display. The client required a display that would improve sales in a select product line, so Tim-Bar created a display it believes stands out in the marketplace. The converter created a three-dimensional curved sidekick, which actually “pops” out of the wire frame. In order to manufacture the curved section, the company utilized N flute that provides the structural durability of E flute, as well as the graphical presentation of solid bleached sulfate.

People's Choice
Brian Thomas Display and Packaging, Houston, TX, is the recipient of the People's Choice award for its Train Set project. With 193 hours to design, not including cutting samples and assembly, the results totaled 2,397 pieces and 93,080 in. of rule. E, B, and C flutes were used for construction.

The company also took first place in the Best Corrugated Self-Promotion category for its 2001 Christmas card.

Judges Honor Creative Solutions
Packaging Innovators Corp., Livermore, CA, receives the Judges Choice award for its Sunburst Coffin. The customer required a cremation-ready coffin that is esthetically pleasing, easy to assemble, compact during shipping, durable, and an improvement on the current options available in the market. Packaging Innovator's solution: Develop an eye-catching, lightweight, durable, and 100%-combustible alternative. The wood grain appearance and sunburst lid liner make this coffin a viable option when families wish to have a viewing before cremation.

For a complete list of AICC competition winners, visit The 12th Intl. Corrugated Packaging Design Competition will be held in 2005 in Boston.

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