Checkpoint Systems Invests in Chicago-Based Goliath Solutions to Expand RFID Penetration in POP Market

THOROFARE, NJ, USA—Checkpoint Systems reports it has made an initial minority investment in Chicago-based Goliath Solutions. According to Checkpoint—an integrator of radio frequency indentification (RFID) technology—Goliath Solutions designs and delivers RFID solutions that track and report the presence/value of advertising and displays in retail stores. "Goliath's patent-pending technology," explains Checkpoint, "electronically monitors, verifies, and reports the daily status and location of marketing materials for its consumer packaged-goods (CPG) manufacturing and retail clients."

Checkpoint points out that CPG companies spend heavily on promotional displays, so there's a fundamental need for them to confirm the deployment and positioning of materials during the display period. "Traditional use of store clerks, sales staff, and outside audit firms to monitor displays often leads to untimely, incomplete, or inaccurate data," says Checkpoint. "[Our] investment in Goliath offers a more cost-efficient and effective solution," adds the multinational manufacturer.

According to Checkpoint, Goliath's RFID tags are designed for easy integration into the point-of-purchase (POP) display to enable automatic montioring and proof-of-placement. A wireless network of in-store readers continuously monitors POP status, then relays that information back to Goliath's central database for secure access by authorized CPG companies and retailers. The system can help sellers ensure that retail displays are positioned for the planned designated POP duration and location.

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