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Masterwork Graphic Equipment Offers New Die-Cutter


WAKEFIELD, WEST YORKSHIRE, UK | Masterwork Graphic Equipment announces the MK1060ERS automatic platen die-cutting machine with stripping and blanking capabilities. It is said to offer even greater accuracy, speed, and stability than previous models while also being easier to operate. 

The unit incorporates five processes—feeding, die-cutting, stripping, blanking, and waste conveying—allowing one operator to turn printed sheets into finished products in a single pass. Optional devices include pre-stacking and stripping preparation stands. The timing belts incorporated into the feed table are said to improve the presentation of stock to the front and side lays, while the slowdown device enables thin paper to be controlled accurately.

Company says continuous feeding is aided by the high level of automation, with sheet detectors and control devices reducing waste, and the stripping unit is equipped with a quick locking facility for easy operation and fast positioning of the stripping board. Reportedly, the high quality transmission mechanism and smooth cam movement ensure stability and accuracy. Separation sheets can be inserted automatically in the nonstop blanking unit at pre determined quantities.

The MK1060ERS can handle sheets from 400 x 350 mm to 1,060 x 760 mm, and offers a die-cutting area of 1,060 x 745 mm with an accuracy of ± 0.075 mm. The machine can be used with paper/board between 0.1–2 mm thick and corrugated board to 4 mm. High productivity is aided by speeds to 6,500 sph. The feeder and delivery pile heights are 1,550 mm and 1,200 mm, respectively.


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