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BOBST Launches Redesigned Die-Cutter

ROSELAND, NJ | BOBST announces the redesigned MASTERCUT 106 PER die-cutter. Philippe Milliet, head of BOBST’s Business Unit Sheet-fed, says “The re-imagining of the MASTERCUT, with its new range of systems, means it can now run at an 11,000 sheets an hour. That’s 20 percent faster than [our company’s] EXPERTCUT. And, like the EXPERTCUT, the new MASTERCUT is able to keep this performance up all day, every day."

The systems that allow this uninterrupted high-speed running, and which considerably reduce make-ready times, include the new, enhanced SMART FEEDER 3 and POWER REGISTER 3, which together ensure high uptime and high speed running. The new MASTERCUT also features new "MATIC" machine setting for what company says is the highest degree of automatic operation, and a completely new HMI (Human Machine Interface) which, allied with improved ergonomics, mean easier setup and running and further increases in productivity.

SMART FEEDER 3 is the latest generation of the BOBST automated, intelligent sheet-feeding system and works in tandem with the machine’s POWER REGISTER system to reduce in-production stoppages and maximize productivity.


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