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General Labels Adds Flexibility with Laser Cutter

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL | Laser cutting and converting equipment manufacturer, Spartanics, announces the sale of its L-350 Laser Cutting System to General Label & Printing Inc., El Paso, TX. The system includes a 400W laser, two-sided lamination, UV varnish, rotary sheeting and die-cutting, slitting, back scoring, and Spartanics’ Change-on-the-Fly Barcode Reading software. The system was purchased to provide General Labels with greater flexibility for material substrates and cut configurations along with a reduction in job change over time.

Spartanics L-350 laser cutting system

Established in 1987, General Labels & Printing is dedicated to the manufacturing of pressure-sensitive labels and distribution of packaging-related products. General Labels & Printing provides labels and associated services to worldwide manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical device, and food packaging industries.

When asked why they chose to add a Spartanics L-350 Laser Cutting System to run offline with their Jetrion 4830 Digital UV Inkjet Printer, President Jose Gerado said, “Quite simply, they are the leaders in the laser cutting field, and our company firmly believes that you are what you invest . Additionally, Spartanics has been very supportive as to the design and manufacture of our equipment, and we feel a very productive relationship is developing between our companies.”

Laser cutting technology is revolutionizing the way that printing and converting companies produce products. The technology helps eliminate long lead times, expensive tooling, and excessive material waste. Printing companies have become more accustomed to shorter job runs, private labeling, and decreasing profit margins, and laser converting equipment is one way to address these market changes.

Mike Bacon, VP of sales and marketing for Spartanics, adds, “We feel that this sale, along with other laser cutting system sales over the past several months, not only validates laser cutting technology in the label market but validates what Spartanics is capable of and has been doing for many years.”

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