ITW Dynatec Surges Ahead with Second IDEA Award

HENDERSONVILLE, TN | At the International Engineered Fabrics Conference & Expo (IDEA) awards show, ITW Dynatec took home its second consecutive “Most Innovative Technology” award, making IDEA history as the first company ever to claim the award twice. ITW Dynatec’s Surge technology won this top honor in the Equipment Category for the IDEA Achievement Awards, sponsored by INDA (Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry).

"Our mission is to listen to manufacturers and solve the challenges that they face, and it’s so rewarding to see that our efforts are providing value to our customers,” says Christof Schotten, VP/general manager, ITW Dynatec. “I would like to thank our R&D and marketing departments for their efforts in creating this valuable technology and bringing it to manufacturers to give them a competitive edge. We all feel immense gratitude to INDA for recognizing our efforts in industry-leading innovation."

Choice is at the cornerstone of Surge, offering manufacturers, for the first time ever, the ability to apply different weights of adhesive on the same substrate without requiring cost-prohibitive equipment and processes. Before Surge, manufacturers had to apply the heaviest adhesive volume needed across the entire substrate, even if other areas of the material required much less adhesive. As a result, Surge customers realize exceptional adhesive savings, significant waste reduction and increased product performance.

ITW Dynatec won the “Most Innovative Technology” award in the equipment category for its Vector Platform at the last IDEA conference in 2010.

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