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Get International Nonwovens Industry Info. with INDA's Comprehensive Directory

CARY, NC, USA—The Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry (INDA) reports the availability of its International Nonwovens Directory, Vol. XVI. According to the trade association, this newly updated directory features 12,500 contacts; identifies 4,000-plus companies with product listings; covers 95 countries; includes 500 products; and is five times larger than the last edition.

"[We take] pride in publishing the most comprehensive international directory for the nonwovens industry," says INDA. "We dedicated more than 1,500 staff hours to produce the largest, most up-to-date nonwovens directory in the world. EDANA and our other sister organizations devoted a great deal of time and effort," adds the trade group. "This [directory] represents a major cooperative effort [and illustrates] our commitment to excellence."

INDA's International Nonwovens Diretory, Vol. XVI, is available now for $198 (US) to INDA members and for $280 (US) for non-members. Directory purchase includes free access to INDA's online directory, which is updated daily. For more information contact INDA at:

Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry
P.O. Box 1288
Cary, NC, USA 27512
919/233-1210, ext. 120 (ph)

Visit INDA online at inda.org.

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