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Successful package designers balance complex performance needs with cost and sustainability targets. New pouch formats often require combining several different resin grades to achieve desired barrier properties, toughness, sealing characteristics and clarity. Multi-layer film extrusion capabilities should not limit the designer’s toolbox. Brampton Engineering’s SCD® (Streamlined Coextrusion Die) technology is the industry’s most versatile blown film coextrusion die for more than five layers, according to the company. Technologies include CD® in AeroFrost® and AquaFrost®  . 

For more information, visit http://be-ca.com 


Faustel’s in-house Technology Center is a customer resource available for product and process development work, in addition to short-run toll coating.  The company’s process experts can help innovate both new and existing web products, from initial laboratory trials through full-scale manufacturing.  The facility includes three pilot coater/laminators, in web widths from 150 mm to 600 mm, capable of more than 40 aqueous and solvent-based coating methods which provide a limitless range of application possibilities and process configurations.  Convection drying, UV and ebeam curing equipment is available, contact Faustel for additional information or to schedule a trial.

For more information, visit http://faustel.com 


Kent Adhesive Products Company (KAPCO) offers a wide array of converting services including; die-cutting, laser-cutting, flat-bed cutting, bologna-slitting, laminating, and more.  The company can convert flexible materials like foam, fabric, film, foil, paper, graphite, and rubber.  KAPCO manufactures products in the U.S. and deploys modern, state-of-the art, converting equipment that enables it to hold tight tolerances for precise results every time. 

KAPCO’s in-house R&D/engineering team can assist with design, material selection, and testing.  This company can take your project all the way from prototype to production.  This company is an ISO 9001 certified company and a Preferred Converter of 3M products.

For more information, visit http://kapco.com 


Metlon Corporation specializes in precision, narrow width custom slitting of plastic films, paper, metal foils impregnated fabrics or laminations, handling extremely narrow (down to .008 in.) and non-standard width slitting to very close tolerances (+/-.001 in.).  Put-ups: 3 in and 6 in. I.D. cores , reels, hubs and standard coils, straight and tapered traverse, others to specs. Usual materials include: glass beaded fabrics, films, abrasive films, non-woven bonded and textiles. They also produce magnetic and foam tapes; metal screening; and rubber. Products are materials warehoused, drop-shipped, and delivered on-time. Metlon offers effective, cost-efficient production for R&D and longer runs.

For more information, visit http://metlon.com 


Polykote formulates and produces custom-designed coated materials utilizing unique adhesives and coatings. The company partners with its customers to develop customized functional materials for the industrial, electronics, medical, graphic arts and transportation industries.  Using your materials only, or in combination with Polykote’s coatings and adhesives, the company will design a unique product specific to your application. 

Polykote’s experienced staff can address a wide variety of product development and manufacturing challenges. The company also provides short- and long-term coating and converting services for narrow- and wide-width applications.  Bring Polykote your next coating challenge. 

For more information, visit http://polykote.com