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HOW TO: Order Your First Spooling Machine

Peace of mind:

When ordering a machine, especially if it is the first for a company, seeing it in action with the material it will be running is key. There is no better peace of mind than a trial and seeing a finished product with your actual material. Knowing that SRC Systems, Ltd. is here in the United States to provide parts, service & support lends to ensuring our customers are confident they are a priority to us.

SRC Systems, Ltd. Has been selling machines world-wide for over 25 years. Let us connect you with one of our many US based references.

Reasonable, no cost trials.

Come and visit us in Montgomeryville, PA and see our trial machine. We do not charge our customers to run their material on our spooler. The only cost to the customer is shipping their material to us, and travel costs. We feel this should be standard when ordering a spooling machine. The show machine that we are bringing into our facility in Montgomeryville, PA is equipped with rotary shear, score & razor in comb slitting. Rewind shafts will be 3” with 6” adapters. It will be a 6 head spooling station as shown. This will allow us to tailor our customers experience.

Key Specifications:

The following specifications apply to:

SP06 (6-head spooler, see photo)

SP12 (12-head spooler)

SP18 (18-head spooler)

Maximum parent roll width: 24” (or # of heads times 1.5)

Maximum parent roll diameter:

Slitting: Shear, score & razor

Max mechanical speed: 900 ft/minute

Finished spool maximum width: 19.6”

Finished spool maximum diameter: 23.6”

Slitting widths (material dependent):

Shear: 1/4” minimum, appx 1.5” maximum

Score: 1/2” minimum, appx 1.5” maximum

Razor: 1/8” minimum, appx 1.5” maximum


Montgomeryville PA: Sales, Support, Parts & Showroom.

Ipswich England: Main HQ, Support, Parts, Assembly & Testing.

Contact information:

Lucas Sheridan


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Montgomeryville, PA 18936