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Metlon Corporation

Since 1947, Metlon’s record of consistent, quality production, service, and efficiency, coupled with its engineering prowess, have helped them weather economic downturns and pandemics - while keeping standards high and clients satisfied. Accepting precision, narrow width slitting jobs others haven’t been able or willing to complete has resulted in many long-running relationships.

More than twenty years ago, Metlon acquired a new customer as a referral from a competing converter that was not interested in this specific job.

While Metlon has the capability of re-engineering its own machines if needed, this customer didn’t require re-engineering. Instead, they required adherence to strict federal regulations, and the tedious process of sampling and carefully documenting each roll.

Essentially, this required cutting a 12” long sample from the end of each coil slit from non-woven filter paper to 9mm and 22 mm widths being slit and labeled to match the coil’s labeling, and inserting it into a plastic sleeve bag. The samples were sent to the customer for incoming QC testing. This sampling has doubled production time.

Metlon met the client’s stringent demands and passed a rigorous on-site inspection initially, and again 15 years later, when production output had been critically ramped up. Demand for the product has tripled in the last 2 years alone. Nevertheless, Metlon has maintained its production efficiency, quality, and meticulous record-keeping with the new volume mandate.

Meeting production and service needs has been a source of pride for Metlon, especially when its work addresses a critical need.