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Finzer Roller: 55 Years Later

Finzer Roller is a one of the largest rubber roller companies in the United States. It has remained a family-owned business for fifty-five years. The second-generation Finzer’s are actively working to pass the business on to the third generation. The company’s success, growth and longevity are unique.       

John and Betsy Finzer founded Finzer Roller in 1968. Finzer’s beginnings were humble. The first building was a 6500 square foot building located on the west side of Chicago. The building did not have a loading dock. When rollers arrived by common carrier, customer trucks or the family station wagon - manpower was used to unload the rollers and transport them through the production cycle. Betsy processed purchase orders, customer checks and payroll in the early years.

Back in 1968, John informed a friend that he was starting his own roller company. His friend used rollers. John asked his friend if he would buy rollers from him. His friend said, “if the quality and service are there, of course I’ll buy from you.” We are proud to say that friend’s company is still a customer today.

Fifty-five years later, Finzer Roller has twelve manufacturing locations strategically located throughout the United States. Industries serviced include film, foil, steel, wood, flexible packaging, printing, metal decorating, and general industrial. Finzer makes rollers as small as a human pinky finger and as large as 92” in diameter, 315” long and weigh up to 20,000 pounds. 

As customer expectations for rollers evolved, Finzer Roller has responded by purchasing larger state-of-the-art equipment including CNC lathes, laser measuring devices, and dynamic balancers. Consistent employee training is routine at every facility. In addition to equipment and training, we offer more than seven hundred application specific compounds to fulfill customers’ unique roller requirements.       

In January 2022, Finzer Roller acquired and renovated an 80,000 square foot facility in Itasca, Illinois. The renovation was a tremendous success and is now the largest Finzer Roller facility and serves as the corporate headquarters.

“Our success is due to the great people we have working with us and our ability to change to meet customer demand. What was an acceptable roller 20 years ago may no longer be acceptable in today’s marketplace. Continuous improvement in quality and service drives our industry and we have adapted accordingly to meet our customer’s requirements.” said Dave Finzer, President.

“Only thirty percent of family businesses pass from the first generation to the second – and only 12% pass from generation second to third. The third generation of Finzer’s is now poised to carry on the family legacy. Mike Finzer is the plant manager in Minnesota. Eric Finzer is the plant manager of the Itasca location. Sean Finzer is overseeing the start-up of the latest Finzer facility in Arlington, Texas. Brendan Finzer in our Sales and Marketing Manager. Only 3% of family businesses pass to the fourth generation. We are proud of our accomplishments and hope that the third generation will continue the legacy,” said John Finzer III, CEO.

Finzer Roller is an industry leader in rubber, urethane, and silicone roll coverings.  Services include new, recovered, or reground rubber, polyurethane, and silicone rollers. Other products include new cores, heat/chill rollers, fiberglass and carbon fiber covered sleeves, rotary backup brushes, pin perforating rolls, bow rolls, specialty wear and release coatings.

Visit WWW.FINZERROLLER.COM  or contact us today at 1-800-ROLLERS.