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Pro Tapes: Cutting Edge Converting Solutions

Pro Tapes® is rounding out our arsenal of state-of-the-art converting equipment with new fully automatic G&A FA300 and RTA600 wide web slitters. Our new G&A FA300 & RTA600 provide Pro Tapes with the versatility and dexterity to convert the widest possible range of materials in the market today.

How Pro Tapes Provides Value-Added Service

Our newest converting equipment allow us to convert wider jumbo rolls, and faster cycle times equal increased output. Combined with a programmable PC that stores recipes, Pro Tapes can service our customers at a very high level with the most competitive pricing possible.

Key Features of Our G&A FA300:

  • Inline crack-and-peel liner backsplitting
  • 2,000mm wide fully automatic turret rewind slitter, score and razor
  • Paper tab
  • Double sided adhesive tab
  • Process liner recovery
  • Full width logging system
  • Transversal cut off system for converting thicker substrates
  • Recipe job PLC storage

Key Features of Our G&A RTA600:

  • 1,800mm wide fully automatic turret rewind slitter, score and razor
  • Automatic score blade positioning
  • Automatic turret and cut off system
  • Laser core alignment
  • Differential winding
  • Roll ejecting/off-loading system
  • Increased capacity

We pride ourselves on providing you with the most versatile contract converting solutions in the market today.

Contact Pro Tapes today and schedule a personal tour of our 175,000 sq. ft. facility, located in North Brunswick, New Jersey, and see our 12 wide web slitters in operation — 8 of which are fully automatic!

Contact: Chris Hart

Phone: 732-743-4164

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Website: https://www.protapes.com/tour