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Campbell's Skillet Sauces Packaged in New Format

CINCINNAT, OH | Ampac won a Silver award from the Flexible Packaging Assn. in the Packaging Excellence category for its Campbell’s Skillet Sauces pouch. This is in addition to the Gold award it won for its Savvy Green No. 2 Pouch.

Campbell's Skillet Sauce Retort Pouch

The new Campbell's Skillet Sauces line uses a new format—shaped stand-up pouch—in a category that is traditionally packaged in glass jars or aluminum cans. The Campbell’s Skillet Sauces pouch is a four-ply foil lamination in a stand-up retort pouch that is rotogravure printed utilizing a pattern matte varnish to highlight the graphics. Coupled with the shaped, non-rocking bottom, this creates enhanced shelf appeal. This package includes a layer of linear tear film that gives the consumer the best opening experience possible, and a clear gusset to give the consumer a window to see the product while in the package.

Visually, the Campbell’s Skillet Sauces pouch has a registered patterned matte varnish that is utilized to highlight the product pictures and cooking instructions, which are glossy. This package is seven-color rotogravure reverse print with a one color surface printed registered varnish. The matte varnish is used to highlight the product and creates a package with maximum shelf appeal—a process that is unique for retort pouches.

According to Dave Bartish, Ampac’s marketing director, “Ampac’s commitment to innovation in flexible packaging is proven by our dedicated team whose goal is to advance our customers brands and value globally. It is an honor to receive recognition from the Flexible Packaging Assn. in conjunction with these innovations.”

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