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First Glance

Dos Pinos Uses Tetra BrikĀ® Aseptic Slim Leaf

Dos Pinos is first in the Americas to use Tetra Brik® Aseptic Slim Leaf

Mondi Offers PolyWoven Pinch Bottom Bag

Features an extremely durable but lightweight packaging with attractive all-over print

Pregis Introduces Sheet Foam with Multidirectional Stretch

Microfoam Stretchfoam is PE resin blend for protective packaging

Shurtape HP 235 Improves Bond for Recycled Corrugate

New packaging tape features higher adhesion on highly recycled boxes

Needle-Trap Label System Addresses Syringe Safety

Schreiner MediPharm's product features safety mechanism in self-adhesive label

Spring Water Available in Flexible Packages

AguaSAC provides companies with inexpensive branding opportunity

Campbell's Skillet Sauces Packaged in New Format

Shaped stand-up pouch wins Ampac a silver award from the Flexible Packaging Assn.

Pregis Expands Stock Sizes of ChamberPak Cellular Cushioning

New sizes are designed to package a wide range of consumer electronics

Awash in Chocolate

The Wonka Wondrously Whirled Waterfall Bar, converted by Printpack, Atlanta, GA, is printed in nine colors with cold seal on 48-ga PET and laminated in-line to holographic film. It uses lavenders and purples with gold accents to create a store shelf standout

Military Decoration

Chromatic Technologies' temperature-changing ink technology is being used on commemorative cans of Monster Energy drinks to be sold exclusively on military bases from Memorial Day through July 4

Juiced Up

The CoolJuice Beverage Co., Dunedin, FL, founded in 2006 to help tackle childhood obesity, has launched a line of all-natural, 100% juice blends that contain no high-frutose corn syrup; no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors; and no added sugar.

Fiber's Friend

The RB Dwyer Group, Melville, NY, helped Barn Dad Innovation Nutrition, a div. of Angle Foods, launch its Ultra Fiber DX product with a shrink-sleeve label printed on an RDP Marathon IVCO (Infinitely Variable Cylinder Offset) web press.

One Sweet Delivery Option

The AirLiner, an inflatable, insulating plastic liner produced by Coldpack, San Diego, CA, offers delicate food items exceptional temperature control and protection from rough handling during shipping.

Self-Medicate Safely

Schreiner MediPharm, Blauvelt, NY, introduces a multifunctional label for use with self-medicating autoinjectors and pens

Pouch Sprouts Trophy

Ampac’s Standup Retort Pouch for Sprout Organic Baby Food Wins Alufoil Trophy for Resource Efficiency and Is Reclosable Using Linear Tear Technology

Look Both Ways

National Graphics Lenticular Printing and Substrates Add Benefits to Rigid Plastic Cartons or Tip-In Plastic Windows for Paperboard Cartons with Clear Vision 3D Products Made from APET

Touting Retort

Bemis Retort Flexible and Rigid Packaging Are for Shelf-Stable Foods that Require Self-Venting Features During Microwaving

One Is Enough

One-ply bag solutions from Mondi, Vienna, Austria, offer reduced packaging weight and volume compared with two-ply 70 gsm bags for 25 kg and 35 kg

Eco-Sensitive Hybrid

Seventh Generation's Natural 4X Laundry Detergent makes its debut in an innovative bottle manufactured by Ecologic Brands, Oakland, CA.

Combo Package

Colbert Packaging Corp., Chicago, IL, has unveiled the next generation of its EnviroGuard sustainable packaging, which was initally designed to be made entirely of tear-resistant paperboard.

Knock-Out Label

Spear, Mason, OH, is providing a clear, pressure-sensitive label for Mike's Hard Punch, a brand extension for Mike's Hard Lemonade Co., Seattle, WA.

Big Mouth Closes

The Zip360 flexible pouch from Zip-Pak, Manteno, IL, has a wide-mouth opening to allow easy access to snack mixes, frozen chicken, cookies and crackers, and pet food.

Parfait Perfection

Using an Infinitely Variable Cylinder Web Offset Press (IVCO) from RDP Marathon, The R.B. Dwyer Group, Anaheim, CA, is printing gravure-quality shrink labels for B.C. Bundt's “Walk-Away Parfaits” with zero cylinder costs.

Seafood Sealed

Targeted for delicatessens and supermarkets, Atlantica bags from Alpem, Reims, France, are designed for wrapping fresh fish, seafood, meats, cold cuts, cheese, and other perishable products.

The Bottle Reborn

The reusable Vapur water bottle from Ampac, Cincinnati, OH, uses a BPA-free laminated film structure that can be rolled, folded, or flattened and tucked away.

A Honey of a Pallet

Pregis Hexacomb, Deerfield, IL, introduces Hexacomb Billboard, an all-paper, honeycomb-based pallet alternative that incorporates an additional outer edge wrap.

Chill Factor

Coldkeepers LLC, Thomasville, GA, earns first place in the 2010 Pack Expo Selects competition for its Kold-To-Go thermal bags. The bags use

Whipped Cream Buzz

The RB Dwyer Group, Anaheim, CA, is printing full sleeve PVC shrink labels for Maple Grove Products' alcohol-infused whipped cream aerosol cans, which curve at the top

Bacon Sliders

Zip-Pak, Chicago, IL, reports the first commercial application of Zip-Pak Slider Advantage for Plumrose 24-oz Hearty Country Style Thick-Sliced Bacon packages

Spouting Off

Nordenia Intl.’s NorSpoutBag Nominated for 2010 German Packaging Award

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