AGI-Shorewood Technology Makes Packages Shine


STAMFORD, CT | Global specialty packaging company AGI-Shorewood announces the introduction of refleXions, the first major innovation launched by the recently merged AGI-Shorewood. Proprietary next-generation technology is said to give consumer product companies unprecedented freedom to apply highly reflective packaging design elements.

Uses an in-line process to offer a cost-effective alternative to metallized polyester, metallized transfer, or hot foil stamping. Reflective design elements can now be efficiently and selectively applied in a single process. Traditional in-line printing application process is said to be more user-friendly than costly multi-step processes, allowing the customer to benefit from a more sustainable product with better machinability results at a lower price point.

Allows metallic details to be selectively applied to designs, creating areas of high reflectivity such as silver, which can also be overprinted in selective areas with any transparent colors), as well as brighter white areas.

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