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UFLEX Reports New Film Plant


NOIDA, INDIA | The UFLEX Group, manufacturer of polyester films for packaging applications, has started up a new biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) film plant in Poland. The state-of-the-art, 8.7-m-wide film line that runs at 500 mpm is said to be one of the largest film lines in the world and can turn out 36,000 MT/yr of film. It is supplemented by a plasma-enhanced high-barrier metallizer that can convert 6,000 MT of film/yr.

The project, which operates under the aegis of Flex Films Europa Sp Z.o.o., is located at Wrzesnia near Poznan in Poland and is the UFLEX Group’s fourth overseas manufacturing facility. It forms an integral part of Flex Films’ plan to set up strategically located manufacturing lines as close as possible to major film markets to dispatch just-in-time supplies of freshly manufactured films to customers anywhere in the world within seven days of receipt of their orders.

According to Pradeep Tyle, CEO of Global Films Business at UFLEX, “We want to get closer to our valued film customers by locating plants next door to them. Just-in-time deliveries not only enable our customers to totally do away with film inventories and warehousing, the freshly manufactured films also bring with them functional properties that are better suited for conversion. We tell our customers to keep their money in the bank and not in warehouses. We intend to operate out of at least 12 countries by 2020.”

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