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Allied Offers Study of Pharma Packaging


BURNSVILLE, MN | Allied Development Corp. announces a new packaging study: Pharmaceutical Packaging 2012 to 2016 Global Markets, Technologies, and Opportunities.

The study covers the importance of market-driving forces from around the world; new and emerging technologies for pharmaceutical packaging (i.e., how prefilled syringes resolve concerns about patient compliance; the extent to which functionally specific packaging formats will grow through 2016; and current consumption volumes for primary and secondary packaging with projections to 2016.

Markets, technologies, and opportunities for drug packaging are analyzed, and the study presents their global ramifications as an aid to effective decision-making and strategy development. It identifies and tracks the trajectory of market-driving forces from around the world, including the expected impacts on global drug packaging from the following:

• new drug product development

• consumer needs and expectations

• geographic influences

government regulations

• packaging for OTC vs ethical products

• packaging innovations.

In-depth analyses of these factors help generate Global Growth Forecasts that will be of interest to decision-makers who are engaged with pharmaceutical packaging. For example, quantitative forecasts are included for packaging types (primary and secondary) and materials, packaging consumed within multiple geographic regions, and the growth of package design solutions to provide functionality for patient compliance, anti-counterfeiting, child-resistance, or tamper evidence.

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