Mohawk Is an Official Converter of Springhill and Accent Envelopes

[COHOES, NY | Mohawk has expanded the company’s envelope offerings and is now an official converter of the Springhill and Accent Opaque envelope lines.

“With the addition of these two well known branded lines, we now proudly offer the broadest collection of Springhill and Accent Opaque envelopes available. Mohawk provides one stop shopping convenience, fast delivery and superior converting quality,” said Dolph Beyer, director of envelope operations, Mohawk.

Springhill envelopes are engineered and converted by Mohawk to stringent specifications, ensuring consistent, high-speed performance on envelope inserting equipment. Engineered to lay flat on a wide range of equipment, Mohawk converted envelopes are substantial and durable. Springhill envelopes are available in a wide selection of popular pastel shades including Blue, Canary, Cream, Goldenrod, Gray, Green, Ivory, and Pink, with shades designed to match the Springhill paper line. This economically priced line will attract attention and increase response rates for direct mail, financial mailings, retail, greeting cards, and color coded interoffice mail. Available in 6.75 commercial, 9 commercial, 10 commercial, and 10 commercial windows sizes, along with full custom conversion.

Accent Opaque envelopes are made from 96-bright Accent Opaque paper, and converted to Mohawk’s stringent specifications. Both smooth and vellum finishes offer excellent offset and flexographic print performance with minimal show through. Available in White and Warm White shades, these envelopes are designed to match Accent Opaque paper line for coordinated communications. Available in 10 commercial, booklet, A-style announcement sizes, and squares and custom envelope sizes.

Every Mohawk envelope features a discreet die-cut “M” on the inside seam, which is revealed by holding the envelope up to a light source. The “M-notch” is a symbol of Mohawk quality and assurance, backed with world class service and support.


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