Intertape Polymer Group Reports New Shrink Film


MONTREAL, QC, CANADA/SARASOTA, FL | Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), a North American packaging manufacturer, announces its newest high-performance, cross-linked polyolefin shrink film called ExlfilmPlus GPL (Global Performance Lite).

“[We have] expanded our Exlfilm polyolefin shrink film product line to include ExlfilmPlus GPL—a thin-gauge, high-yield film,” says Mike Young, VP of Films. “GPL is a cost-saving alternative to standard, heavier gauge films without sacrificing performance and protection. The film exhibits exceptional machinability and high-speed processing capabilities, while providing customers a superior looking retail package.”

Company says film is suited for printers, bakeries, food processors, cosmetic manufacturers, and software producers, or for any customer looking to protect or unitize products in a crystal clear, thin-gauge film. The film is available in center-fold or single-wound putups, pre-perforated, and extended length rolls said to offer additional savings.

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