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Raven Expands Product Range with New Blown Film Line

PAWCATUCK, CT | A new Davis-Standard seven-layer blown film line at Raven Industries exemplifies the benefits of performance and efficiency for lightweight films. The line, installed at Raven’s facility in Sioux Falls, SD, features next-generation technology for manufacturing precise lightweight barrier films ranging from 0.80 mil to 10 mil in thickness. Adding this capability has expanded Raven’s product range by targeting thinner film profiles with several distinct features. It also has increased throughput efficiencies for consumer-sized rolls, which are packaged and sold straight off the line.

“This line has met or exceeded our expectations on several levels,” said Anthony Schmidt, VP and general manager of Raven Industries Engineered Films Div. “We collaborated with Davis-Standard on several add-on features that control film profiling and processing to meet performance parameters, along with barrier design flexibility that delivers added value to end-use applications. Our customers have been pleased.”

The seven-layer coextrusion system features in-line web-flattening capability, necessary for precise films used in lamination and conversion operations. The Vertex die configuration includes high volume IBC airflow and is expandable to nine layers. The machine is configured with two sets of winders to produce small diameter rolls for hand carrying and large diameter rolls for converting. SLC Surface winders with full shaft handling enable production of mill rolls up to 40 in. (1,016mm) in diameter. The Model 1750 turret winder with swing-out shafts produces the small reels. The system operates in trimless mode. However, to support Raven’s sustainability efforts, the line also features the capability of direct recycling by converting excess plastic film to reusable resin pellets.


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