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Flexible Packaging | Coveris, Cryovac Big Winners at FPA Awards

Flexible Packaging Assn. presents highest achievement honors for vacuum skin packaging and sterile bags.

The Flexible Packaging Assn. (FPA) recognized the winners of its 59th Flexible Packaging Annual Achievement Awards competition at the FPA Welcome Dinner & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Ceremony on March 3, held in conjunction with the 2015 FPA Annual Meeting at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples FL.
An independent panel of packaging experts judged more than 60 retail and institutional package entries featuring innovation that integrated technical advancements in materials, graphics, shelf appeal, structure, and sustainability to produce outstanding flexible packaging solutions. Eighteen packages were recognized with 22 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards within one or more categories including Packaging Excellence, Printing and Shelf Appeal, Technical Innovation, and Sustainability Achievement.
This year’s entries found new uses for flexible packaging included innovations in closures, and creative uses of multilayer films. Many pouches solved specific problems with innovative technology to extend shelf life and improve customer convenience. Beautiful packages were created through enhanced structures, graphics, and high quality printing processes for enhanced shelf appeal.



The Highest Achievement Award is evaluated by the judges as possessing overall packaging excellence, significant attributes in all the award categories, and contributing most to the advancement of the industry.

  • Cryovac Darfresh On Tray
  • Award: Highest Achievement Award — Retail
  • Manufacturer: Sealed Air Corp.—Cryovac

The Sealed Air/Cryovac Darfresh On Tray is an innovative vacuum skin packaging system that allows for optimization of operational efficiency, extended shelf life, consumer convenience, and food security improvement. This package offers benefits to the processor via film reduction of up to 40% with no material scrap, unequaled merchandising opportunities to the retailer using vertical display capability, and provides a freezer ready protective package that offers easy to open convenience to the consumer.


  • Intervoid Sterile
  • Award: Highest Achievement Award—Institutional
  • Manufacturer: Coveris

Intervoid Sterile represents a major breakthrough in flexible packaging for medical, food, and other specimen sampling through its integrated protection, labeling, tracking, and storage system. This unique package enables the delivery of a single, lightweight flexible sampling solution with obvious cost, environmental, safety and supply-chain advantages. Eliminating the risk of cross contamination and enhancing traceability and function, Intervoid products are both food contact approved and UN3373 marked for product assurance and security against cross contamination.

The sterile bags combine unique track & trace identification, patented tamper evident closure and tape, which says “stop” if tampered with or not sealed correctly. The joining of these highly technical conversion methods, delivers a composite, easy-to-use sampling solution for enhanced safety, security, function and environmental impact not available in any other format. (Manufacturer’s video demonstration available upon request)

"This is a tremendous achievement for Coveris and one which provides industry-wide recognition for our world class capabilities in flexible packaging," said Coveris President/CEO Gary Masse. "Our Intervoid Sterile line not only offers a smarter, more efficient and highly innovative packaging solution, but also demonstrates our ability to lead technical advancement within the global flexible packaging industry."



  • Amcor’s Dessiflex
  • Award: Gold—Technical Innovation
  • Manufacturer: Amcor Flexibles

Amcor’s Dessiflex is a breakthrough in flexible packaging. It is extremely effective at both removing moisture within a package and retarding moisture penetration through seal edges of the package. Dessiflex even removes retained moisture from packages exposed to high humidity sterilization. It reduces the environmental footprint approximately 20% compared to a pouch with a desiccant sachet. Dessiflex is a simpler and better desiccant package effective in challenging applications. Package contents stay clean and dry.

"We are honored to be recognized for the fourth consecutive year as winners of FPA gold and silver awards," said Tom Cochran, VP and general manager–Americas, Medical and Extrusion, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas. "Our customers challenge us to develop packaging solutions that complement their products. We are proud to meet that challenge."


  • Dole Fruit & Veggie Blends
  • Award: Gold — Printing and Shelf Impact
  • Manufacturer: Emerald Packaging


The Dole Fruit & Veggie Blend is a series of three pouches newly launched in late 2014. The package was printed with the revolutionary HP Indigo wide web digital print technology. The series of three unique graphics were printed in line with zero print waste between each unique package. The PET/PE laminated stand up pouch with a zipper closure was laser scored for easy consumer access.


Exponent 2 combines ultra-high barrier ClearFoil with a chemically-inert sealant. The high performance sealant, a coextruded non-crystalline polyester, is designed to replace Barex for chemically sensitive applications. Exponent 2 is ideal for applications requiring exceptional barrier and clarity. With oxygen and moisture barriers available down to 0.0008 cc/100in.2-24hrs, and 0.0008 g/100in.2-24 hrs respectively, the all-polyester Exponent 2 can be used for the most sensitive applications providing cost savings and recycling opportunities when compared to traditional foil structures.


  • Freshness Plus
  • Award: Gold—Sustainability
  • Award: Gold — Technical Innovation
  • Manufacturer: Sealed Air Corp.—Cryovac

The Sealed Air Food Care Freshness Plus Modified Atmosphere Package uses an innovative active barrier film that aggressively helps prevent oxygen migration into artisan bread, keeping it fresher longer, extending shelf life for more than 40 days, and reducing product shrink by up to 50%. These benefits equate to operational efficiency, cost reduction, and revenue generation for both the processor and retailer.



  • Ghirardelli 5.50 oz. Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Cashew
  • Award: Gold—Printing and Shelf Impact
  • Manufacturer: American Packaging Corp.

An in-line laminated 2-ply reverse printed matte film, registered gloss lacquer, easy tear and reseal features, all in a stand-up pouch results in a unique shelf appeal for this premium product. The rotogravure printing process provides the registration control necessary for application of the registered gloss lacquer to the exterior of the package after lamination. The soft vignettes and matte film help to give the package a high-end appearance along with durability and shelf life.



  • McCormick Skillet Sauce Mix Pourable Pouch
  • Award: Gold—Packaging Excellence
  • Award: Silver — Sustainability
  • Manufacturer: Bemis Co. Inc.

With its die-cut spout and tear-off “cap,” the new McCormick Skillet Sauce package has the look and functionality of a bottle, but the efficiency and sustainability of a pouch. The cap tears easily and cleanly for a controlled, directional pour that’s proven to please consumers. The unique shape, standup format and vibrant graphics immediately set the product apart from McCormick’s popular dried spices to strengthen the company’s entry into the liquid sauce category.



  • Medi-CRREO with Child-Guard Closure
  • Award: Gold—Technical Innovation
  • Manufacturer: Pactech Packaging LLC / Reynolds Presto Products

This is the world’s first child-resistant flexible pouch using the Child-Guard Closure. The Medi- CRREO manufactured by Pactech Packaging, complemented with the Child-Guard Closure developed by Reynolds Presto Products has passed the testing requirements of Title 16 CFR 1700 of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. With the hermeticity of the slider and the barrier attributes of the film laminate, end-users can be assured that their product will last on the shelf for an extended period of time. This new flexible packaging solution opens market opportunities traditionally supplied by rigid packaging.


  • Muscat Dates
  • Award: Gold—Printing and Shelf Impact
  • Manufacturer: Paharpur 3P (A Division of Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.)

The registered matte coating enhances aesthetics and ultimately, brand value. Packaging with premium looks and paper like finish. The best part of the pouch is the brilliance in printing. This smoothness is achieved by a special matte surface coating. Graphics, color combination of gloss and matte effect have given a “live” look of dates on the pack.



Mouthwatering graphics provide for a realistic visual of the high end product waiting inside. American Packaging achieved the life-like reproduction by utilizing its High Definition flexographic printing expertise to provide a sharper image with intense colors and cleaner text. The consumer can almost taste how good the meals will be by viewing the package on the local grocer’s freezer shelf.




  • Rust-Oleum SpraySmart Marking Paint Pouch
  • Award: Gold—Packaging Excellence
  • Manufacturer: Printpack

Rust-Oleum’s marking spray paint was packaged in rigid aerosol canisters. These did not evacuate fully, and also created a high volume of hazardous waste. SpraySmart Pouches mix and evacuate more effectively, providing more paint coverage for the same package weight, and the used pouches take up much less space and do not require disposal as hazardous waste. Also, the transparent areas within the graphics allow users to easily see how much paint remains in the pouch.




  • Amcor’s SachetLite
  • Award: Silver—Sustainability
  • Manufacturer: Amcor Flexibles

Amcor’s SachetLite is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard high-barrier sachet packaging. It provides the moisture and oxygen barrier required for sensitive products, the chemical resistance needed for aggressive products, and the robust package appearance desired for a premium brand image. SachetLite’s environmental footprint is a reduction of at least 25% on most measures and almost 54% on water consumption. SachetLite is part of Flexible Packaging’s evolution into product offerings with reduced environmental impact.


  • FlexAsept
  • Award: Silver—Technical Innovation
  • Manufacturer: Liqui-Box

The patented FlexFX polyolefin contact and outer layers produces this exceptionally rugged package which reduces sticking and wrinkling of the package during the sterilization and filling process. The FlexAsept package has resulted in a bag with superior flexibility, improved thermal resistance, and superior Oxygen Transmission Rate performance. This package delivers significant savings by reducing dunnage, extra handling, and product spoilage as a result of flex cracking.


  • Gourmet Express Complete Meals
  • Award: Silver—Sustainability
  • Award: Silver—Printing and Shelf Impact
  • Manufacturer: Berry Plastics Corp.

The Gourmet Express Complete Meal pouch is a quad seal pouch configuration designed for display and shelf appeal. This product was previously sourced overseas, using rotogravure printing, solvent based adhesive technology and a different pouch format. The new product incorporates several features that accentuate the package. The designs were converted from rotogravure to flexographic printing, the structure was changed to eliminate excessive (>12%) breakage during filling and the pouch configuration was changed for improved shelf appeal and utilizes less material overall.


  • Kar’s Nuts—Second Nature Wholesome Medley PrimaPak Package
  • Award: Silver—Technical Innovation
  • Manufacturer: Clear Lam Packaging Inc.

The Second Nature Wholesome Medley PrimaPak Package is a flexible, stackable, and reclosable “pop-up box” produced from custom rollstock on vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machinery. Designed as a replacement for rigid cans, bottles, trays, jars, trays, and select flexible packaging, the PrimaPak package is lightweight, stackable, and merchandises on six sides. As a result, the PrimaPak technology improves package cube by up to 30% or more, maximizes manufacturing efficiencies, and improves warehousing space and transportation demands.

Roman Forowycz, chief marketing officer for Clear Lam packaging, says, "It's tough to stand out in the club store and retail environments. The PrimaPak shape and design create a billboard effect for better merchandising. Traditional packaging often has multiple components requiring more warehouse space and truck shipments during the manufacturing process. The PrimaPak System combines all components into one roll of film, providing opportunities for cost savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain."

This is the fourth global award earned for PrimaPak technology. Clear Lam has made a significant investment in the system, including a new co-packing facility and innovation center at its plant near Chicago.


  • Organic Girl Three Heart Romaine Stand-Up Pouch with Velcro Closure
  • Award: Silver—Packaging Excellence
  • Manufacturer: Emerald Packaging Inc.

This package replaces a traditional clamshell used to sell three hearts of fresh romaine. This is a two-layer stand-up pouch with a handle to make it easier for consumer to grab off the shelf. It features a Velcro closure to make the package easier to close compared to a string zipper, and features a registered matte finish which adds to the gloss of the package, helping it stand out in the graphic saturated produce section of any grocery store. The fact that the package stands up as opposed to a clamshell which lies flat has helped catch the consumer’s eye, leading to a significant gain in market share for Organic Girl and higher romaine sales at the grocer. Antifog prevents moisture build-up on the inside of the bag allowing consumers to see the produce.


This product represents a significant breakthrough in sustainable films. This 5 lb. bag is partly made from a renewable resource: potatoes. The 25% potato resin, 75% polyethylene mixture developed by Emerald Packaging and Biologiq of Idaho Falls, ID, produces a film that is actually stronger than a 100% polyethylene-based film typically used for potato bags, thereby allowing for downgauging of up to 10%. This film has many other possible uses including as a white sealant and other packaging that does not require absolute clarity.



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