AZCO Offers Cut-to-Length Cutting Station

FAIRFIELD, NJ | AZCO Corp. offers a custom FG-400 cut-to-length cutting station

Ten lines of a nonwoven material enter the unit through adjustable infeed guides, which properly space it. From the guides, the material is fed to length by a set of servo driven nip rollers. A module knife assembly cleanly cuts the material to size. After being cut to length, it goes onto a conveyor. Four-in. lengths of the nonwoven material are fed and cut at a speed of 400 pcs/min

Modular in design, the system is said to be easy to use and attaches to the end of an existing process. It can be operated in automatic or manual modes with a dry contact one shot input. The unit requires only 110 vac and 60 psi compressed air. A color touch screen is used to operate the unit and can be mounted on the frame or relocated by the customer.

Company supports these cut-to-length units around the world with our remote access. Each unit is built with a USB port that is directly connected to the controls. The unit can be connected to an internet interface utilizing a USB cable, allowing tech support anywhere in the world. Support for resetting the unit, getting remote training, and even complete software upgrades are available, company adds.

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