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WPO Adds Save Food Category to Awards

CHICAGO, IL | The World Packaging Organization (WPO) reports that students can now enter their packaging projects in a new category in the WorldStar Student Award competition: the Save Food Student Packaging Award. The WHO created this new category due to its support of the Save Food Initiative, from Messe Düsseldorf and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).

“The idea is to encourage students to develop new solutions on packaging preventing food waste. The project presented can be a new one, that means it does not need to run for a national award previously,” says WPO president Thomas Schneider.

The entries for the WorldStar Student Award and the new category Save Food Student Packaging Award end on November 6. According to WPO’s sustainability VP, Johannes Bergmair, “Save Food is a topic related to the whole supply chain. And there are many ways and technologies to work on this like logistics, farm to fork transcontinental routings, transit refrigeration, storage conditions, shelf life extension, product handling, and more. Packaging is just one of them, and it is the key element that WPO will focus on.”

This new category of WorldStar Student Award will recognize only packaging solutions that could reduce food waste.

In general terms, the WorldStar Student Awards is an international packaging design competition for students—undergraduate or graduate—from countries around the world who are involved in projects in the field of packaging – structural design and/or graphic design. To participate in the competition, the packaging project must have won a local award. Further, the packaging project should offer a new solution, irrespective of product, that is innovative, eesthetically appealing, environmentally compliant, easy to manufacture, convenient and relevant, and/or that brings efficiency to the packaging system.

The Award Ceremony will take place at the first WPO Meeting of 2016, in Budapest, Hungary, in May.

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